How do Rentals work?

1.) All Rentals are priced al a carte! See below!

2.) Every rental has a $2 per mile round trip fee to cover travel
3.) Labor hours for setup and teardown is $25 per man hour.
4.) For rentals that requiring a technician to stay on sight to operate said rental there is a $75 per hour charge.
5.) Additional travel fees apply for regional event with over 3 hours of travel 

Popular Enhancement Options

Venue Up-Lighting

Transform your venue and wow your guests by lighting up the walls with our venue up-lighting!
16 battery lights spread around the room can be set to match your wedding colors or theme! 
As a BONUS all our lights are wirelessly computer controlled so when it’s time to party the lights around the room will bounce to the music to set the vibe! 


360 LED Glow Tubes

This BRAND NEW innovative glow tube lighting effect provides an amazing dancefloor wash lighting effect with an eye catching light saber look! 
Quickly becoming the most request lighting enhancement we offer to take your wedding to the next level! 


Cold Spark Fountains

The hottest trend right now! Add a show stopping wow factor to your event!
These indoor/outdoor sparklers are safe to touch (only 62 degrees F). We can use them inside or outside! 
$450 for 2 cold sparks for either inside or outside.
Want to use them both inside and outside? +$200
Want to have 4 cold sparks? +$200

Intelligent Party Lighting

Want to take your party to the next level? 
Add our intelligent party lighting consisting of 2 glow totems with moving spot/beam lighting fixtures, that create beams and patterns through the air emulating a night club environment!
This is by far our most popular lighting option. 


Custom Monogram

Brand your event with your own custom logo on the wall, dance floor, or ceiling?
Better yet lets animate it or add fireworks behind it! 
Check out our design options


LED Party Sticks

Add some fun to your party! 
We will provide these awesome LED foam sticks for all your guests during the dancing/party portion of the evening. And yes, they get to keep them! 


Additional Enhancements


  • Open-air photo booth 
  • Includes the backdrop of your choice
  • Experienced attendant present
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Comes with props, costumes, and tons of fun!
  • Full scrapbook with assembly 

$900 for 5 hours

Hedge Wall with Custom LED Sign

We offer the latest trend with our rental hedge walls! 
We also can design a custom-made LED Neon sign that is 24″ to 30″ in the font and color of your choice. And of course, with the custom sign you get to keep it after the event! 

$400 for just hedge wall

$350 for custom LED sign

$650 Hedge wall + custom LED sign

Low Lying Cloud Effect

Want to add that magical touch to your event? 
Imagine walking into a room covered in clouds, sharing a special dance on top of the clouds, or even an epic grand entrance! 
This is accomplished with our low lying cloud effect! 


Custom Lighting Design Options

We have an in house custom design team that is very skilled in truly creating breathtaking lighting designs that capture the theme and vision! 
We do everything from creative lighting, pipe-drape, ceiling designs, pin-spotting, and much more!
If you have a vision in mind or just some Pinterest photos let us know and we can make it a reality!

Audio and Visual Options

Our in house technicians have everything all the tools needed to pull off large scale audio arrays, distributed audio solutions, and wireless audio deployments. 
We also have a wide variety of TV screens, projectors, and led walls to make sure your content is displayed for all to see.

Want to Book?

Message us back and confirm your

1) Event Date
2) Venue
3) DJ preference (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)