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Meet Our DJs

All of our in-house DJs are full time employees for FSL!
We do NOT subcontract out our DJs.
Select the DJ that best fits the music, vibe, and energy you want for your event!

DJ Rick Web

Owner and founder of Fusion Sound and Lighting.

Personally trained and coached every one of the expert DJs here at FSL

Influencer and educator with over 10,000,000 views and has a mass following of DJs worldwide.

Master of mashups and remixes that wow guests at every event. 

Favorite genres include 90s-2000s hip-hop / pop music, 2010s hip-hop, Latin music, and 2000s EDM (Skilled in every genre possible)

DJ Marcellus

Skilled music producer creating beats for a variety of artists and releasing personal EPs on Spotify.

Highly skilled turntablist DJ battling in multiple DJ competitions

Performed for various high-profile clients, including professional athletes and large festivals

Open-format DJ with a vast array of experience being with FSL since the conception in 2018

Favorite genres include 90s-2000s hip-hop, 90s R&B, Latin music, modern country, and EDM / House music (Skilled in every genre possible)

DJ Showout (Jordan)

High energy MC skills that keeps the dance floor packed
Open-format DJ style blending multiple genres and decades
Full Time Private Event DJ since 2019
Favorite genres include 80-90s Classic Rock, Early 2000s Hip-Hop, Latin Music, Classic Wedding Hits, and 90s R&B (Skilled in every genre possible)
Committed to creating epic moments for clients to cherish for a lifetime

DJ Ralph

Heavily inspirated by DJ AM bringing high energy to every event

Active DJ performing at the top nightclubs and bars in the Raleigh area
Open-format DJ mixing a variety of past and current hits ensure everyone is having an amazing time, especially on the dance floor.
Favorite genres include 90s R&B, Latin Music, 2000s pop, and 00s and 10s hip-hop / rap (Skilled in every genre possible)