Stunning Features for Your Wedding

Custom Wedding Reception Sound & Lighting


Transform the whole room with color! Our up-lighting is wireless and can change colors throughout the night! Check out our videos to see them in action!

Ceremony Audio

Adding ceremony audio will allow for everyone to hear every word spoken at the ceremony, even the people in the back row!

Party lighting

Dance lighting can set the mood, energize the crowd, or highlight that special first dance! We have multiple options for different budgets and all of our lighting is computer controlled!

Married couple kissing in front of greenery backdrop with a custom neon sign of last name by Fusion Sound and Lighting

custom backdrops

Cover up an ugly wall, draw attention to your head table, block off an area, or create a tunnel. We have both plain, layered, or twinkle drape! Multiple color options as well!

Bistro Lighting

Indoor or Outdoor add a classy / elegant look to any space! We have are own poles and mounts to hang them anywhere even over water!


Using digital projection we can display your name, logo, or theme for all to see! Because it is digital we can do color, animation, pictures… you can get very creative.


Take your florals or wedding cake to the next level with spotlighting! Strategically placing spotlights around the room we can make your florals pop! That gorgeous wedding cake will be a focal point of the night with spotlighting!


Your guests will have a blast using props and filters to create photo prints and digital boomerangs. There is an experienced attendant present to assist your guest and ensure maximum fun!

Custom Neon Signs

We offer custom made neon signs in the font and color of your choosing that you'll be able to keep for years to come. Use this sign for your sweetheart table, backdrop, photobooth and more! - Perfect!

cold spark fountains

The hottest trend! These indoor/outdoor sparklers are safe to touch (only 62 degrees F) and can be fired off up to 25 times throughout the night!

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights at the magically touch to any event. We can create backdrops, tunnels, or even ceilings covered in twinkle lights!

media screens

Our large 60” - 4K screens can display your names, pictures, and even the story of how you two met. Ask for more details on our custom love story video option!

LED party sticks

Add some fun to your reception! Imagine all your guests waving these around dancing/party and having a blast. And yes, they get to keep them as a party favor!

Lighting design

From plain to spectacular! We have the tools to take a vision, Pinterest board, or theme and make it a reality. No only limitation is your imagination.

Choose Your DJ

Mash Up Remix Expert

DJ Rick

Hip Hop, R&B, Pop & House

DJ Marcellus

Energetic MC, Hip Hop, & Pop

DJ Ralph

Country, Pop, & Rock

DJ Drake

Interactive MC, All Genres

DJ Jordan

DJ Rick Web

Rick Weber is a highly sought-after DJ, YouTuber and National Speaker. Rick started his career at the age of 15 in his hometown of Cambridge, OH. He has been a head catering/venue manager for Theo’s Catering, a lead DJ/MC for DJ Associates, and is the owner/founder of Fusion Sound and Lighting.

As a YouTuber, Rick has generated a mass following of DJs across the world. His demonstrations, Vlogs, and educational content has generated over 6,000,000 views. This has allowed Rick to most recently begin speaking at multiple DJ conventions across the United States, further expanding his following.

Rick’s favorite thing is being a DJ and it’s been his whole life since the age of 15!

DJ Marcellus

Marcellus Spears is a highly skilled turntablist DJ, audio producer, and YouTuber. Marcellus started his entertainment career in the audio production field creating beats for artists and producing tracks.

While in college, he also started experimenting with DJing at fraternities and house parties. Marcellus quickly became obsessed with the competition side of DJing, creating routines and scratch combinations with his turntables.

By the time he graduated, Marcellus had taken over the nightlife scene and landed weekly spots at all the major bar/nightclubs around Ohio University.

Following college, Marcellus joined the FSL team bringing his DJ and MC skills to the private event space. Having a nightlife background, as well as many years in the DJ industry has made Marcellus a seasoned professional.

When asked why he enjoys being a part of private event entertainment, in particular weddings, Marcellus explained: “Being a private event DJ, I am not just there to play music for people looking to party. I am helping a couple plan and execute the entertainment for one of the most important days of their life. The feeling after every wedding, seeing the couple smiling and full of excitement, is more rewarding then any night life party!”

DJ Ralph

Ralph Lowe is a well-trained DJ from Fayetteville, NC. He excels in playing genres ranging from Hip-Hop and R&B to Pop and House. Ralph developed his wide array of skills over the course of 8 years, heavily inspired by DJ AM. DJ Ralph has worked at the top major nightclubs/Bars in the Raleigh area. Ralph is now working towards expanding his skill set, predominantly through his provision of DJ expertise for private events particularly weddings.

Ralph joined FSL in 2020 and is the newest addition to the team. He has quickly climbed the ranks by providing exceptional service to our clients with his profound knowledge of mixing and music.
Ralph enjoys creating mixing routines and engaging in social events around the Raleigh-Durham area in his free time.

When asked why he enjoys being a part of private event entertainment, in particular weddings, Ralph explained: “Nothing brings me more joy than creating an unforgettable experience for every event. I want to ensure that everyone is having an amazing time, especially on the dance floor!”

DJ Drake

Drake Zaher is the youngest member of the FSL team, but don’t let his age fool you. He makes up for his youth with a love for old school country and classic rock and roll music. 

Drake started with FSL in 2019 and has quickly grown to becoming one of the teams top DJs! His knowledge of music and mixing skills are on point if not better than our owner Rick. 

In Drake’s free time he enjoys playing his guitar. One might say he is very in tune to music and how people respond to music making him a perfect DJ for any event! 

When asked why he enjoys being a part of private event entertainment, in particular weddings, Drake explained: “It’s all about the fun! And by that I mean creating the fun! Every event, big or small, the reason I am there is to make sure everyone has fun, dancing around, and talks about that night for weeks on end.” 

DJ Jordan

Jordan A. Jarmon is a high energy, open-format style DJ. He specializes in blending multiple genres and decades to form one unique musical experience. Over his 10+ years as a DJ, Jordan has worked with numerous recording artists, performed in multiple states and has provided countless services in the Raleigh/Durham area with venues, clubs, and much more. Jordan took his skills full-time in 2019 providing unique and professional services for social events and weddings. When asked what he enjoys most about being a part of private event entertainment, he replies with “there are a few things in life we cherish, most of those special moments are ones that we replay over and over again. My goal is to create epic moments at every event that you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime.”