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Included in our Base Rate

1) A 2-person Team! Each headline DJ has an assistant to ensure uninterrupted entertainment and fun!
2) Your personal stress-free wedding planning app (Android, Apple, and web browser support)
Click HERE for a full demo of the App
3.) No hour constraints for the day! Your wedding celebration is our priority so we don’t nickel and dime over the hours. 
4.) Sound system for reception / cocktail including 2 wireless mics
5.) Free custom song edits! The first dance, parent dances, etc.

DJ Rick Web

Owner and founder of Fusion Sound and Lighting.

Personally trained and coached every one of the expert DJs here at FSL

Influencer and educator with over 10,000,000 views and has a mass following of DJs worldwide.

Master of mashups and remixes that wow guests at every event. 

Favorite genres include 90s-2000s hip-hop / pop music, 2010s hip-hop, Latin music, and 2000s EDM (Skilled in every genre possible)

Base Rate $3000

(Comes with Premium DJ furniture and LED glow tubes)

DJ Marcellus

Skilled music producer creating beats for a variety of artists and releasing personal EPs on Spotify.

Highly skilled turntablist DJ battling in multiple DJ competitions

Performed for various high-profile clients, including professional athletes and large festivals

Open-format DJ with a vast array of experience being with FSL since the conception in 2018

 Favorite genres include 90s-2000s hip-hop, 90s R&B, Latin music, modern country, and EDM / House music (Skilled in every genre possible)

Base Rate $2000

DJ Showout (Jordan)

High energy MC skills that keeps the dance floor packed
Open-format DJ style blending multiple genres and decades
Full Time Private Event DJ since 2019
Favorite genres include 80-90s Classic Rock, Early 2000s Hip-Hop, Latin Music, Classic Wedding Hits, and 90s R&B (Skilled in every genre possible)
Committed to creating epic moments for clients to cherish for a lifetime

Base Rate $2000

DJ Ralph

Heavily inspirated by DJ AM bringing high energy to every event

Active DJ performing at the top nightclubs and bars in the Raleigh area
Open-format DJ mixing a variety of past and current hits ensure everyone is having an amazing time, especially on the dance floor.
Favorite genres include 90s R&B, Latin Music, 2000s pop, and 00s and 10s hip-hop / rap (Skilled in every genre possible)

Base Rate $2000

Travel Rate applies to destinations outside a 1.5 hour radius of Greensboro, NC

$2 per mile outside of Greensboro. 

An additional accommodation base rate multiplier is applied for regional and destination events

Regional events with travel over 3 hours are a 1.5x multiplier

Destination events with travel over 5 hours are 2x base rate multiplier

All Events Holiday Week/Days are subject to a 2x multiplier

↓↓↓ See Ceremony + Lighting Below ↓↓↓

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Custom Bundles

Each of our custom bundles is a pick # system! Select from any of our enhancements
It’s like a package, except you get to pick what goes into it!
Don’t know what you need yet? No problem!
You can add or remove enhancements or bundles leading up to your big day!

Elegant Bundle

Select up to 2 Enhancements
See Options Below
+ All the benefits are listed at the top of the page!
Headline DJ Base Rate + $700 (Save Over $200!)

Signature Bundle

Select up to 3 Enhancements
See Options Below
+ All the benefits are listed at the top of the page!
Headline DJ Base Rate + $900 (Save Over $400!)

Luxurious Bundle

Select up to 4 Enhancements

See Options Below

+ All the benefits are listed at the top of the page!
Headline DJ Base Rate + $1200 (Save Over $600!)

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1) Wedding Date
2) Venue
3) DJ preference (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)

Enhancement Options

Use a bundle above or à la carte price is $450 per enhancement

Ceremony Audio

One of the biggest complaints from guests is not being able to hear the vows at the ceremony! 
By using a combination of 2 hidden lapel microphones we 100% guarantee that every word said will be heard by every guest! 
This add-on covers the additional equipment needed to do the ceremony anywhere on the property! (Speaker and 2 lapel microphones)

Venue Up-Lighting

Transform your venue and wow your guests by lighting up the walls with our venue up-lighting!
16 battery lights spread around the room can be set to match your wedding colors or theme! 
As a BONUS all our lights are wirelessly computer controlled so when it’s time to party the lights around the room will bounce to the music to set the vibe! 

360 LED Glow Tubes

This BRAND NEW innovative glow tube lighting effect provides an amazing dancefloor wash lighting effect with an eye catching light saber look! 
Quickly becoming the most request lighting enhancement we offer to take your wedding to the next level! 

Cold Spark Fountains

The hottest trend right now! Add a show stopping wow factor to your first dance or your exit!
These indoor/outdoor sparklers are safe to touch (only 62 degrees F). We can use them inside at the reception or outside for the exit! 
As an enhancement option you get 2 cold sparks for inside at the reception or outside at the Exit.
Want to use them both inside and outside? +$200
Want to have 4 cold sparks? +$200

Intelligent Party Lighting

Want to take your party to the next level? 
Add our intelligent party lighting consisting of 2 glow totems with moving spot/beam lighting fixtures, that create beams and patterns through the air emulating a night club environment!
This is by far our most popular lighting option. 

Custom Monogram

It’s your big day! Why not put your own custom wedding logo on the wall, dance floor, or ceiling?
Better yet lets animate it or add fireworks behind it! 
Check out our design options

LED Party Sticks

Add some fun to your reception! 
We will provide these awesome LED foam sticks for all your guests during the dancing/party portion of your reception. And yes, they get to keep them! 

à la carte Enhancements


  • Open-air photo booth 
  • Includes the backdrop of your choice
  • Experienced attendant present
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Comes with props, costumes, and tons of fun!
  • Full scrapbook with assembly 

$900 for 5 hours

Hedge Wall with Custom LED Sign

We offer the latest trend with our rental hedge walls! 
These can be used as an amazing photo area for your guests or as a backdrop for your sweetheart’s table! 
We also can design a custom-made LED Neon sign that is 24″ to 30″ in the font and color of your choice. And of course, with the custom sign you get to keep it after the wedding! 

$400 for just hedge wall

$350 for custom LED sign

$650 Hedge wall + custom LED sign

Dancing on a Cloud Effect

Want to add that magical touch to your event? 
Imagine your first dance on top of the clouds or walking down the aisle on a magical cloud path!
This is accomplished with our dancing on a cloud effect! 


Custom Lighting Design Options

We have an in house custom design team that is very skilled in truly creating breathtaking lighting designs that capture the theme and vision!
We do everything from creative lighting, pipe-drape, ceiling designs, pin-spotting, and much more! 
If you have a vision in mind or just some Pinterest photos let us know and we can make it a reality!

Want to Book?

Message us back and confirm your

1) Wedding Date
2) Venue
3) DJ preference (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)